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“Crema deth Taro” (Burning of the “Taro”)

The great night of fire with the “Crema deth Taro”, accompanied by fireworks and a “xaranga” (marching band with wind instruments and drums). UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humankind since 2015. Arties – Val d’Aran  Ajuntament (Local Council) Naut Aran – Tel. 973 644030  
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Calendars: culture.
Comarques: Arties.
Campanyes: summer.
Venues: Arties (Crema deth Taro).

“Corsa des 15 pòbles” (15 villages race) – Vielha e Mijaran (la Val d’Aran)

This event has become consolidated as a sporting activity which, since its very origins, set out to recover the traditional footpaths (now known as “Camin Reiau”) between the different villages of the Val d’Aran. It has three routes, over distances of 21 km, 15 km and 11 km.
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Calendars: active tourism.
Comarques: La Val d'Aran and Vielha.
Campanyes: summer.
Venues: Vielha e Mijaran (Corsa e caminada des 15 pòbles).