“Falles d’Alàs” (Burning Torches) - Alàs, Alt Urgell
The settlement of Alàs is the only one in the “comarca” (local district) of L’Alt Urgell that celebrates a descent of the “falles” (burning torches and logs) in the style of other villages in the Pyrenees. The event has been held since 2021 and was inspired by the discovery of a document that records the oldest descent of the “falles” in the Pyrenees, dating from 1543. Since then, every year, on 23rd June, the population of Alàs and its whole municipality mobilize to give a specific and very special touch to the night of Sant Joan (mid-summer), with more than fifty “fallaires” (log carriers) coming down the mountain carrying burning torches from the hermitage of the Virgin of Our Lady, up in the hills, to the Plaça d’Alàs square.

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