Moors and Christians Festival - Lleida (el Segrià)
With the Moors and Christians Festival, the city has proudly recovered a previously lost tradition whose origins date back to the 12th century.

The festive weekend begins in the Plaça Paeria square with the Embassies: speeches made by the Moorish and Christian ambassadors to try to prevent the battle, which will take place on Sunday, the main day of the festival. On Sunday morning, there will be the children’s version of the festival, at midday, with the presentation of the bands which will play the music which most typifies this festival. In the afternoon, groups of Moors and Christians will gather at the Seu Vella (old cathedral) before parading through the most central streets of the city in their colourful uniforms. Before nightfall, there will be satirical interchanges which will lead to a verbal confrontation followed by a spectacular battle, all within sight of the incomparable Seu Vella.

In September, the same revellers will recreate the ceremony and banquet of the Royal Wedding of Ramon Berenguer IV and Peronella at La Seu Vella.

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