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Rosary Parties – Ponts – la Noguera

Traditional “Festa El Roser”, with the participation of majorettes, children, dancers, the “Toc d’albada” and the “El Ballet de Déu“, etc. In the afternoon, at the Sala 1 d’Octubre, there will be a performance of traditional dances. Date of the event: 18th June. Ponts Tel. 973 46 00 03 Lugar: Sala 1 d’octubre.
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Calendars: festivals and fairs.
Comarques: Ponts.
Campanyes: spring.

16TH COMARKALADA – Cubells – la Noguera

Every year, this event takes place at a different municipality in the “comarca” (local district) of La Noguera, and is organized by the local council, the association of young people of the municipality, and the Consell Comarcal (Local District Council) of La Noguera. It is a meeting point for the youth organizations of the comarca. This year, the Comarkalada returns to Cubells, with a fair and various activities, a dinner and a concert to put an end to the party. 29th June. Cubells
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Calendars: family tourism and festivals and fairs.
Comarques: Cubells.
Campanyes: spring and summer.

MARRAMEU FESTIVAL – Torrelameu – la Noguera

A festival of stories and street shows held in the village of Torrelameu, under the artistic management of the Festuc Teatre company and with the support of the local council. The Festival Marrameu seeks to set an example for all the small municipalities that want to programme cultural activities and to promote the performing arts: being small should not be an excuse for not doing “big” things; a lack of financial resources can be compensated by cooperation between neighbours. 8th and 9th June. Torrelameu Tel. 973 19 02 67 –
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Calendars: culture, family tourism, and festivals and fairs.
Comarques: Torrelameu.
Campanyes: spring.

AGAINST THE FLOW CONCERT – Camarasa – la Noguera

Musical aperitif. An activity organized within the framework of events to promote the hydroelectric heritage of the Pyrenees and Western Catalonia. This proposal is promoted by the association Pirineu.watt, in conjunction with Endesa, and aims to highlight the industrial and tourist heritage of the Pyrenees and Western Catalonia by fusing culture. * Capacity is limited and registrations can be made by sending an email to: 25th May, 12 pm. Hydroelectric Power Station of Camarasa. Camarasa Tel. 973 42 00 09
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Calendars: culture and family tourism.
Comarques: Camarasa.
Campanyes: spring.

SOUNDS OF NATURE – Tartareu – La Noguera

Open air concert by Nasty Lovers SONS A LA NATURA 🎶 “Where every note merges with the essence of the place” – a perfect combination: “Music and Nature” let yourself be carried away by the magic of the moment 25nd May, 21:00h Tartareu (les Avellanes i Santa Linya) Contact: 973 45 40 04 –
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Calendars: culture and nature.
Comarques: Tartareu.
Campanyes: spring.